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Jinan Martiuk

Jinan Martiuk

Declaration of love from a stranger

I have been applying to jobs at a rate that I’m going to run out of things to apply to. Needless to say I have been oblivious to my surroundings for the past 7 hours. So when the man sitting across from me at the computer stopped the women working next to him to say “I have met the women I will always love and she’ll never know,” while looking straight at me I recognized him instantly.

It was the same man who had followed me outside to tell me I was beautiful. At first, I assumed he was talking to my friend, the tall blond investment accountant sitting next to me. She is the very definition of “ice princess” from Ukraine so approach at your own risk. Anyway, that was sweet and it’s official. I am a magnet to crazy. I have yet to discover what is the source that brings them to me….. I have a real talent.

Non stop

…besides being the words in bold across my flight ticket these words describe the events surrounding my stay in Tonto between job applications, World Pride (you have to see it to believe it— is that my boss with no pants on?) and a crash course in Russian via my friend I’m staying with it’s safe to say I’ve done it again. Meaning events worthy of a camera crew, yes… One season could be my hair appointment. No joke. It went for over 5 hours yesterday! How is that even possible?! FIVE HOURS. 

Canada Day is real. Which got me thinking about how there is no ‘America Day’. The U.S could never pull a title like that off without receiving ridicule of the entire world. We have the Fourth of July but we still can’t call it ‘America Day’ because no one would take us seriously. The U.S likes to be taken seriously. Notice the difference in the intimidation factor between the “U.S invading” verses ‘Canada invading.’ “Canada’s invading hopefully they’ll bring some syrup.”  Exactly…  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Canada, especially the health care system. The survival of the ‘richest’ approach that we have going on in the U.S obviously isn’t working. 

Essentially what it all comes down to is that the U.S and Canada have different ‘cares’. The U.S cares about its reputation like the high school football jock whereas Canada has health care.